Do you enjoy sewing with friends? For me, when I get to a retreat and start sewing, it’s like I’ve settled into my Happy Zone. There’s a camaraderie among quilters that the rest of the world just doesn’t get. We encourage. We inspire. We celebrate each other’s accomplishments. And whether you realize it or not, YOU inspire others by your own uniqueness!

Sometimes the best thing to relieve the stress of work, demands at home, or too much on your calendar is to just get away. Go to a peaceful place where you can relax, be pampered, and not have to think about a thing except your quilting art. It’s a vacation from everyday life, and it’s good for the soul.

Sewing at a retreat keeps us on task. It’s a proven fact. You may think “I’m going to devote this certain amount of time today to sewing on my quilty projects” — and you have the best intentions and determination to do just that. But then those insistent demands and distractions at home always seem to come and interrupt your progress. Someone calls and wants you to help do something. The kids need you to help with something or take them somewhere. Emails and phone calls demand your attention. I should probably do some laundry or run the vacuum. And then, somebody always wants food, and you have to stop and cook. The distractions are endless, and before you know it the time you wanted to spend sewing is gone.

That’s why we need (and deserve!) quilting retreats and why we built this retreat house for you, where our goal is to inspire, encourage and celebrate the art of quilting.